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Brad Pumphrey


Brad is an early pioneer in Internet broadcasting as a co-founder of ISP-TV, the first 24x7 live webcast content provider, and Prior to founding EastBay Media, Brad has held various senior management positions with streaming media technology and service companies. Most notably, he was an early employee of Cidera, a satellite-based content delivery network, where he managed the streaming media product line and created one of the world‚s largest multicast video distribution networks. He was also a founding employee of both USinternetworking, which went public in 1999, and Digex, now owned by Worldcom. As an Internet broadcasting industry expert, he is very active on the speaking circuit and has been invited to serve on the advisory boards of IBVnet, where he helped design the first live Internet broadcasting vehicle, and Teledotto, an Italian content distribution network. Brad is also a founding member of the International Webcasting Association (IWA) and serves on its board of directors.

Articles for Brad Pumphrey

Understanding Media Asset Management

Not every company can benefit from a Media Asset Management (MAM) system, but many can. It may be easier to deploy a MAM system in your organization than you think. Jump in; the water’s fine. Or if you’re the timid type, take it one baby step at a time.