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Arnold Englander

Arnold Englander is a marketing, strategic planning, business development, and product management consultant with PEREY Research & Consulting. He provides services to companies with needs in the areas of: voice communications, both traditional and VoIP; the interaction of technology, economics and regulatory policy; and communications services, products and components. Arnold is a marketing, business development, product management, and general management (P&L) executive with 15+ years experience in telecommunications and digital video. He has a strong track record of growing new lines of business in IP telephony, enhanced services platforms, enhanced voice services, videoconferencing, digital interactive television, and broadband and satellite communications. His accomplishments span the telecom and video industry value chains from global and local networks, to equipment and appliances, to software and semiconductors. Arnold holds an M.S.E.E. from Yale, and began his career as R&D director at Bell Labs.

Articles for Arnold Englander

Streaming Media to Mobile Audiences

In 2004, mobile users are signing up for and experimenting with services featuring synchronized audio and video. The first mobile rich media app to launch is video messaging, since it is a straightforward evolution of photo messaging and appeals to our need to communicate personal information.