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Ezra Davidson

949.417.2300 x2240
Mr. Davidson has worked in Radio broadcasting for over 10 years. Mr. Davidson is also a 15 year computer veteran who started his career with Deloitte & Touche as an Emerging Business Consultant Mr. Davidson has been working in the Streaming Industry since 1998. His company, SyncCast, took KKBT radio from ranking 50 to the #1 terrestrial music station streaming on the Internet, accourding to MeasureCast's December 2000 report. In 2007, SyncCast was sold to Thomson.

Articles for Ezra Davidson

It's All in the Delivery: A Look at the Top Video Players of Today and Tomorrow

Today's media players are advancing broadcast media by leveraging the internet as a delivery medium. As such, these technologies are now becoming disruptive far beyond the confines of the web.
Thurs., July 3, by Ezra Davidson

Wanted: Sexy HDTV That Connects to the Internet and Services All DVRs

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, internet-connected TVs were all the rage. Television manufacturers, however, are keeping mum on when consumers will actually have easy access to them, not to mention what they'll look like.
Tues., April 29, by Ezra Davidson

Twenty-Year-Old Broadcast International Gets Boost from Big Blue Partnership

Broadcast International has joined forces with IBM for its new CodecSys solution, which switches on the fly among multiple codecs to encode a single piece of H.264-compatible video.
Mon., April 21, by Ezra Davidson

NAB 2008: MobiTV Moves Into Server Technology's Heavyweight Division

With the introduction of its Optimized Delivery Server at NAB, MobiTV is going head-to-head with the likes of Real and Microsoft in the mobile video server market.
Fri., April 18, by Ezra Davidson