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Scott Bass

Scott Bass is a Leo in his late 20's who plays guitar in a punk band ("The Pop-Pills"), enjoys beef jerky, and is a card-carrying Libertarian. He's from the east coast, never watches football, and is absolutley partial to hazelnut creamer in his morning coffee. His radio show "Gift Wrapped Crap" is in it's third year at, making it one of the longest-running radio shows on the web. Between freelance writing, running a market research business from his home, and handling

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Q&A with Gerd Leonhard, CEO of

What's the best way to add music to your online or offline project? says they're the best solution, since they allow users to preview and sell music.

Q&A with Alex Sanford, CEO of

With its nerdy roots in developing an alternative MP3 server, has become one of the largest broadcasters of Internet radio. Last month during the NAB radio show, unveiled its wireless solution for listening to audio on Windows CE devices. The company has been innovating constantly. What’s next for this community-driven entertainment site?

Q&A:'s CEO Jeff Pescatello

Broadband is coming but what will you watch? thinks you'll want to tune into their broadband programming. They sport full-length movies but so far lack the backing of major Hollywood studios. Can they make it?

Q&A With Jeff Morris, CEO of

With its recent acquisition of ChannelSeek, Yack is looking to become the 500-pound gorilla of what's going on in the Internet.

Q&A with Jonathan Klein, CEO and President of The FeedRoom

FeedRoom is looking to bring news to users with broadband connections. But can it succeed after other content failures? FeedRoom is betting on partnering with local and network TV news organizations for its success.

Q&A with Bruce Forman CEO of

When it comes to edgy (even tasteless) content, has few equals. Meet the man behind the raunchy site.

Q&A with Philip Monego, CEO of Voquette

Voquette allows users to take streams on the go, by legally recording streams to portable devices, CD-Rs and even cassette recorders.

Digital Jukeboxes In Your Diner

QA with Rebecca Lynn Eisenberg, VP of New Market Development, Ecast Inc.

Q&A With Steve Stanford of Icebox

Conference Call: Open Source and Streaming

Open Source (or capital-F

My.MP3.Com In-Depth: A Q & A With Michael Robertson

When launched their website they created a new kind of internet music service... not to mention a whole lot of controversy. reporter Scott Bass talks to CEO Michael Robertson and asks the hard questions about this new technology.