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Tim Tully

Tim Tully has written two books and hundreds of articles about music, audio, video and technology in publications ranging from Videography to The New York Times. In 1995, he created Radio Hyperstand, one of the first-ever streaming media programs on the Web. His company, Wild Dog Productions, produces video, audio, music and written copy.

Articles for Tim Tully

Terran’s Cleaner 5 Raises the Bar

This updated, renamed version of Media Cleaner Pro scores with a smart bundle, a range of new features and enhancements to speed and quality. Contributor Tim Tully puts Cleaner to the test and discovers why it outperforms the rest.

Keeping Your Streaming Assets Safe

As the quality of streamed audio and video grows, so does the matter of Digital Rights Management--securing the rights of the owners of streamed media as it proliferates unfettered around an ever-more-connected world. Contributor Tim Tully takes a glimpse at the playing field.

Zooming and Scrolling Titles in Vegas Video

Contributor Tim Tully outlines and simplifies the process of incorporating titles and credits into your project. One of the most powerful sets of tools in Sonic Foundry’s Vegas Video are its Media Generators. This particular class of plug-ins lets you create “virtual media files” that you can use just like any video event.

Intro to Production

A quick overview of what it takes to serve audio and video from your website.

Shooting Video for the Web: Equipment

Toys and tools for creating the best online video content.

Capturing and Editing Video

Tim Tully walks you through the process of capturing and editing your video for streaming.

MP3 Basics

Write it or Rip it, Then Serve it to the World!

MP3: Ripping and Encoding

How to Create MP3 Files

MP3 Tutorial: Ripping and Encoding

Of all the ways to get an MP3 file onto your Web site, undoubtedly the most common is to rip it off of a CD, encode it as an MP3, and upload it to your site. The Creative element among us will often skip the first step---preferring to upload our own work. The latest tutorial in our arsenal looks at both procedures.

MP3 Tutorial, Part I: Write It or Rip It -- Then Stream It to the World

Here's an introduction to using the MP3 format, and an overview of the recent developments that may soon affect the world of MP3 profoundly.

RealPlayer 8: Bells, Whistles, and Canned Content

In the latest round of competition between media players, RealNetworks has upped the ante with greater control over music and video playback, improved audio and image quality, and an integrated media guide designed to point users toward streaming content.

Review: Vegas Video

Speed ... Not just a bad movie, but more than anything else, the quality that distinguishes Sonic Foundry’s Vegas Video from its competition. Vegas Video edits, composites, titles, processes and posts video with more raw speed than anything else at its price.