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Scott Baker

Technical Editor

Baker began his web obsession in 1995, building QTVR components and working as a multimedia production assistant in Cambridge, MA. In 1998, he joined Evoke Communications (formerly Vstream) as one of the original members of the encoding team, later becoming Operations Manager for Evoke Communications' webconferencing solution. Baker now puts his streaming expertise and english minor to good use as the technical editor for Streaming Media Magazine and

Articles for Scott Baker

Tech Case Study: Streetwise (Part II)

Producers of the widely revered children’s series, “Sesame Street,” have revolutionized more than just educational programming – they have also become innovators in content management. Beginning in analog video’s infancy and evolving with the digital age, the Sesame Workshop is a 32-year case study in Digital asset management.

Tech Case Study: Sesame Street

Producers of the widely revered children’s series, “Sesame Street,” have revolutionized more than just educational programming – they have also become innovators in content management.

Case Study: Streaming with Grace

High atop San Francisco’s Nob Hill stands one of the city’s most recognizable icons — Grace Cathedral. Technical Editor Scott E. Baker tells us that inside resides one of the more advanced audio streaming operations in the city.

Live365: Giving Radio an Attitude Adjustment

How much square-footage does it take to manage over 30,000 radio stations? Not much, if you ask Live365. The service offers a carefully crafted infrastructure dedicated to streaming MP3s to any Internet-enabled audio device. Technical Editor Scott E. Baker tells us why FM radio is getting nervous.

Here Comes the Sun (Microsystems)

As a member of the Internet Streaming Media Alliance, MPEG committee, and the MPEG-4 Industry Forum, to name a few, Sun Microsystems has been keeping a watchful eye and playing an active role in the evolution and adoption of an MPEG-4 standard.

Korea and Serome Technology: Full Stream Ahead

The adoption of streaming media in Korea took center stage at Streaming Media Asia, Hong Kong. Technical Editor Scott E. Baker tells us how Korean companies are introducing themselves to the industry like never before.

Meet the Data Wrangler

Yahoo! FinanceVision: Getting It Right the First Time

Yahoo! faces the daunting task of producing 40 hours of compelling, live financial news each week. Technical Editor Scott E. Baker takes us inside the Web-behemoth’s broadcasting facility to see how it’s done.

Intel Digs Deeper Into Streaming

In a keynote speech at Streaming Media West, Gerry Parker, executive vice president, general manager of Intel’s New Business Group, delved into the company’s latest and forthcoming innovations in the broadband media space.

Streaming Media West Tech Q&A: Mindport Sentriq

Mindport Sentriq introduced a new technology for securing streaming media and we had some questions.

SMEurope Keynote Summary: Wolfgang Stahle

The Standardization Issue: Miles to Go

Supporters of standardization remain the underdogs in the streaming media industry, as the codec and player wars rage on. Heated discussions at Streaming Media Europe today revealed that key competitive forces have little intention of cooperating in a meaningful way in the near future.

Avid Internet Solutions Launches Server Cluster at Streaming Media Europe

Dear RIAA: Put Napster to Work for You

By embracing file-sharing technology, rather than fighting it, the music industry could have a lot to gain.'s Scott Baker offers a practical manual for the successful, profit-motivated incorporation of file-sharing applications into the business plans of recording companies.

Arbitron Going Solo

Arbitron to Become Independent, Publicly-Held Corporation.

Streaming Media East 2000: Life at Ground Zero's intrepid reporters Greg Frame and Scott Baker took to the floor to talk to some of the big name exhibitors.

Sneak Peek Preview: Yahoo! Player

Editor Scott Baker takes a hands-on look at the latest media player to hit the streets