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Barb Roeder, President of BarbWired LLC, serves as a technology liaison to new and expanding businesses, offering them an Independent, engineering-minded assessment of new products and services as they plan for growth. Her on-site training classes and many tutorial submissions to bring practical knowledge to creative professionals who want to deliver higher quality video services on CDs, DVDs, and for network delivery of rich media content. Prior to founding BarbWired LLC in 1997, Barb worked in advanced television and early CD-ROM development, applying her engineering background in video signal processing to the evolving world of digital media. Barb earned an M.S.E.E. degree from Princeton University, holds five U.S. patents and has written numerous technical reports on her research projects in digital television, video processing and video encoding. Barb's submissions to DV magazine, Steaming Media magazine,, and Broadcast Engineering have won accolades from the professionals who read them. Connect with her at

Articles for Barb Roeder

A Roadmap to Digital Convergence:
MPEG Technology Developments

Digital convergence means gaining universal access to the right materials - rich, useful and focused content - in the right place at the right time. It’s about bringing content to the viewer through increasingly more portable formats in the technology Barb Roeder and JC Spierer

Tracking MPEG-4 At Streaming Media East

Interoperability, scalability & device independence were the features we heard most often during the MPEG-4 sessions at the SM East conference, where panels focused on the efforts to make MPEG-4 the industry standard for next generation streaming media applications.
by Barb Roeder

Guide to Great Web Video: Preprocessing Video

In Part 2, contributor Barb Roeder goes through the why’s and how’s of de-interlacing, frame rate conversions and inverse telecine. For part 1, click here

A Guide to Great Web Video: Preprocessing

Delivering good quality video almost invariably requires preprocessing of source video. Contributor Barb Roeder lays the groundwork in discussing some of the most important preprocessing filters.

The Other Side of Compression

This month we dissect the latest codecs from DivX Networks (DivX 4.0.1), On2 Technologies (VP3 and VP4) and Media Metasis (ZygoVideo) and tell you how to get the best results from each.

MPEG for All

MPEG’s multi-level technology standard for packaging and delivering digital media content is often touted as the big ticket for mainstream content delivery on the Internet and the highly valued convergence market. Here, we illuminate the particularities of the MPEG specs, with a special emphasis on the emerging MPEG-4 standard.

Embedded Players, Skins and More Fun with QT and Flash

QuickTime 5 is new, improved and full o' funky features. Contributor Barb Roeder walks you through some of the latest additions and provides an outline to embed a QT player within a Flash track. So, fire-up your Flash app and get to it.

Cleaner 5, Part III: Adding Interactivity with EventStreams

Cleaner 5's EventStream Manager simplifies the task of adding interactivity into your streams. Contributor Barb Roeder examines how to get the most bang for your bits with our third installment in the Cleaner 5 tutorial series.

Cleaner 5, Part II: Automated and Flexible Batch Processing

Cleaner 5 integrates new codec choices from the major players and significantly increases the productivity factor with enhancements to its user interface design. Streaming media departments in need of high quality, automated encoding will appreciate the new processing features in Cleaner 5.

Premiere 6.0: A Boon for Streaming Producers

The latest version of this well-known video editor integrates a slew of new tools to simplify life for the streamer.

Creating Rich Media with QuickTime

In a streaming landscape dominated by the Real and Windows Media formats, a veteran architecture demands to be recognized for its merits and innovation. Apple's QuickTime Technology has become the format of choice for many of today's leading content sites.

QuickTime Streaming vs. Progressive Download in Media Cleaner Pro

Getting the Most from Cleaner 5

Cleaner 5 - it's new, it's fast and it's even more powerful. Here's a look under the hood at some of the new processing features that make this application better than ever.

Media Cleaner Pro Tutorial: Part Four

MCP is an inherently QT-savvy program offering several options for QT movie files destined for the Web. Contributor Barb Roeder continues her hands-on MCP series.

Creating Text Tracks in QuickTime

Text tracks are one of the most under-utilized features in QuickTime. Increase the value of your QT content with this quick tutorial.

Media Cleaner Pro: Batch Processing and Productivity Tips for Compression

Workflow is a key element to a streaming media production environment. Barb Roeder's final MCP tutorial installment focuses on the application's ability to significantly increase productivity as you integrate streaming media into your own site and/or that of your customers.

Media Cleaner Pro II: Compression Parameters for Web Codecs

This tutorial installment focuses on options for compressing audio and video with the three major web delivery platforms: QuickTime, RealMedia and Windows Media. This is not a technology show-down, but rather a detailed look at the features which can help you achieve higher quality streaming media.

Media Cleaner Pro Tutorial, Part I

A significant amount of experience with Media Cleaner Pro is required to tap into the depth of its functionality. That's why we've written this tutorial for all those entrepreneurs and do-it-yourselfers wanting to compress their project for the web.