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Jason Thompson

Staff Writer

Jason Thompson won last year’s award for Best iDocumentary at the Pixies, which recognize film-making on the Web. He spent five years working for British television, producing documentaries for Channel 4 in Papua New Guinea and India. He lives in San Francisco.

Articles for Jason Thompson

Would You Get Mad If I Killed You?

Entertainment subscription services Big Brother 2 and Majestic are compelling users to sign up in the thousands. The big draw? Both get up close and personal. Staff Writer Jason Thompson takes us into the intimate world of entertainment subscription services in his monthly column for Streaming Media Magazine.

Planet of the Apps (Part II)

Vodafone and other telcos in Europe and the United States have paid billions of dollars for 3G network licenses. Now they need killer apps to match. Staff Writer Jason Thompson tells us that companies are looking at sociology to help them understand user behavior.

Planet of the Apps

Vodafone and other telcos in Europe and the United States have paid billions of dollars for 3G network licenses. Now they need killer apps to match. Staff Writer Jason Thompson tells us that companies are looking at sociology to help them understand user behavior.

War and Peace: Digital Media's Diverse Role

As U.S. and NATO military forces deploy troops in the Middle East, streaming technology is emerging as a tool in the war effort. Meanwhile, filmmakers and advertising agencies are using digital media to disseminate messages of peace and non-violence. Staff Writer Jason Thompson takes a closer look.

Comic Book Authors Go Back to the Drawing Board

Staff Writer Jason Thompson reports on how online comic book artists are reinventing their art in the wake of September 11.

Free Speech Feels the Pressure

One of the first streaming sites dedicated to providing a free forum has announced a shift to a paid model. This comes at a time when the public debate concerning liberty versus security is growing more intense.

Rethinking “Survival”

The day after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the death of Akamai co-founder Daniel Lewin and other tech economy workers, Staff Writer Jason Thompson considers the tragedy’s emotional, psychological and physical effects on the streaming industry.

The Short "Now"

Mergers and acquisitions point to a continued market slide, but the prognosis for streaming media's eventual ubiquity looks good. Staff Writer Jason Thompson explores the apparent dichotomy and suggests that to see the true shape of things to come, we should adopt a longer-term view.

The Eyeball: Playing in “Living Structures”

In his column for Streaming Media Magazine, Staff Writer Jason Thompson explains that while the word “Internet” might be taboo in Hollywood, big studio directors could learn a thing or two about the interactive power of the medium.

Beeb chooses Real IQ

BBC Technology, the BBC’s technical infrastructure provider, is to deploy Real Networks Real System IQ media delivery architecture.

Hollywood Studios to Launch On-Demand Movie Service

Biggest effort to date for on-demand digital distribution by the movie industry.

Beeb Chooses Real IQ

BBC Technology, the BBC’s technical infrastructure provider, is to deploy Real Networks Real System IQ media delivery architecture.

Digital Cinema Gets "Aggressively Boring" at Beamfest

Film directors innovating the "new-new thing" in digital media – PDA movies – take their creative lead from the origins of cinema. Meanwhile, as the industry rallies behind another content platform, the viability of entertainment content remains an open question.

Thinking Around the Box

Rebroadcasting streamed content via traditional devices can help bridge the “digital divide.”

Bandwidth Buyers Beware

Staff Writer Jason Thompson brings us the story of Al Sacui who says a Web hosting company overcharged him $16,000 in bandwidth fees. This story highlights debates about Web commerce regulation, and the need for vigilance when sourcing services online.

Digital Rights and Wrongs

Spatafore now warns people in newsgroups that they risk a visit from the FBI if they continue to download movies illegally. But few take heed.

Copyright on Trial

Prosecuted for enabling illegal downloads of "The Phantom Menace," Jason Spatafore says he’s a scapegoat. The FBI insists it has cornered a real threat to the movie industry. Staff Writer Jason Thompson examines the case that evokes big questions about the role of copyrights in the digital age.

In Fear of A Napster Planet

The Phoenix Menace

Audible Gives Away Rios

Spoken word site markets content subscriptions through MP3 player giveaway.

The Eyeball: To Hell, Back, and Beyond

In his monthly column for Streaming Media Magazine, Staff Writer Jason Thompson tells us that despite industry efforts to demystify the Web, the thrill of the surf is alive and well. Streaming content sites should harness it.

Napster Users Flock to Gnutella Network

File sharing goes underground as Napster blocks copyright songs.

NASA, Web Pioneer

Despite NASA’s internal communication problems, the agency has played a pioneering role in communication technology, and is developing breakthrough technologies that promise to extend the frontiers of digital media networks.


2001: A Stream Odyssey

NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter mission fell victim to a breach of communication, but out of that experience sprouted a solution in the form of streaming technology. Staff Writer Jason Thompson tells us how NASA is pushing the frontiers of streaming media.

New Frontiers

As the agency continues to integrate streaming into various operations, Internet bandwidth still restricts the range of streaming applications. But the NGI will make it possible to stream at much higher bandwidths, including high-definition video (HD), with applications in remote project surveillance, telemedicine, and agency-wide collaboration.

NSPCC Launches Online Appeal with Hollywood Actress

Emily Watson leads streaming campaign for UK children’s charity.

Moulin Rouge Premieres on Palm

Generic Media launches PDA movie trailer at Cannes.

Stan Lee Media Saved from Bankruptcy

Rescued content company to join forces with Wildbrain and abandon Web-only business model.

Cannes Launches Online Film Festival

The 2001 Cannes Film Festival will include an online film space, showing world premieres of interactive digital movies.

DoubleClick to Enhance E-mail Marketing with Rich Media

Ad firm to send streaming e-mails.

NASA Traffic Soars with Shuttle Launch

Users flock to site for updates.

Webcam Use Soars in Building Trade

Construction industry gets broadband as market slows down.

The Eyeball: Choose Your Own Adventure

In his column for the March issue of Streaming Media Magazine, staff writer Jason Thompson takes a look at how a handful of cutting-edge content creators are satisfying the instinctive desire to interact.

MTVi to Launch Paying Music Download Service

Latest in a the growing list of pay music services.

Park Wars Unleashed

A long-awaited Star Wars parody has been released in cut-down form after legal intervention from Lucasfilm.

Mir Burns Up Online

L.A. entrepreneur seeks content cash from webcast of space station reentry.

Putin Webcast on BBC

Russian leader answers e-mail questions on “Son of Star Wars” and Chechnya.

Museum of Film & Television to Digitize Archive

While the market for original Internet content still faces big hurdles, cult television shows and niche film tiles command a loyal online following.

White House to Stream Video for National Security Staff

VBrick technology to provide multicast desktop video.

Napster Offers Record Industry $1bn Through Subscription Model

Offer extended in attempt to resolve copyright infringement lawsuit.

By Any Means Necessary

The non-profit thrives on what's missing in most commercial streaming content: energy and innovation. Staff Writer Jason Thompson takes a look at this anomaly.

Miramax releases online feature film

Film company becomes first major movie studio to send one of its feature films over Internet.

Talkway Closes $10m Funding Round

Talkway Communications, a video service provider, has secured $10m in series A financing.

Media 100 Launches Integrated Authoring Tool, Competes with Adobe.

Media 100, the software and services company, has launched an integrated web-authoring tool with editing capabilities.

No More Encores for

Company unable to find sufficient financing.

Sputnik7 to Acquire Epitonic

Music site will be integrated into Sputnik7’s entertainment offerings.

Anxiously Awaiting the Next Renaissance

The Web's potential as an outlet for innovative filmmakers and animators seems unbounded, but volatility in the streaming industry threatens to sideline artistically driven content in favor of status-quo programming. columnist Jason Thompson examines art's place in streaming, through the eyes of a filmmaker.