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Akamai: South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan Show Most 4K Readiness

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In its Q2 2014 State of the Internet report, Akamai again takes a look at global 4K video readiness, and finds that 12 percent of internet connections globally are able to sustain the 15Mbps connection currently needed for 4K video streaming. That's up from 11 percent in Akamai's Q1 2014 report.

Akamai identifies the countries with the highest percentage of connections above 15Mbps. South Korea again tops the list with 62 percent above, followed by Hong Kong (34 percent) and Japan (33 percent). The United States isn't among the top ten countries.

The report identifies the top ten states with the highest percent of 4K readiness. Delaware tops the list with 35 percent of online connections at 15Mbps or above, followed by Massachusetts (29 percent), and New Hampshire (26 percent). Washington D.C. enjoys a rate of 51 percent. Capacity is growing quickly, with 39 states seeing their 4K readiness double over the past 12 months.

While the report doesn't rank all 50 states for 4K readiness, it does mention that Arkansas came in last with 7.7 percent.

Akamai makes the full report available for free (no registration required). This month it launched www.stateoftheinternet.com to provide a permanent online home for this and future reports.

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