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JW Player Releases Version 6.10, Helps Publishers Monetize Video

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The improvements are coming fast for JW Player. Last month the company released version 6.9 of its player, adding Chromecast support for the desktop. Now, it's released version 6.10, which should be even more useful thanks to two monetization advances.

Version 6.10 introduces native video player ad tag waterfalling, which lets publishers serve ads on their content even if their preferred video ad network doesn't have any inventory to fill that request. With ad tag waterfalling, publishers can increase their chances of driving revenue from content, and gain more control over the ad-serving process. JW Player notes that this update requires writing less code than other competing products. Ad waterfalling was available in earlier JW Player versions, but required Javascript development that could be challenging. This version removes the complexity.

Also, this version adds more precise ad scheduling. That helps drive revenue by increasing the video ad inventory available across playlists and letting publishers associate a mix of pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads to each item in a playlist.

Finally, this version expands on the Windows and Mac desktop Chromecast support added in version 6.9 by letting users cast directly from an iOS device, and includes closed captioning with FCC caption styling support.

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