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TubeMogul Launches BrandPoint for Planning Video Ad Campaigns

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With the goal of making online video ad buying as simple as TV ad buying, online video media buying platform TubeMogul has launched BrandPoint. A self-serve tool, BrandPoint lets buyers plan campaigns by showing them how much they'll pay per point in different demographics or designated market areas (DMAs). BrandPoint models its results from Nielsen data, and uses learning software to predict audiences.

TubeMogul notes that Nielsen's Online Campaign Ratings were an important step in getting online video advertising to speak the language of TV advertising (gross ratings points, or GRPs), but says that OCR is for reporting and not planning. TubeMogul has been developing BrandPoint since OCR debuted.

In creating BrandPoint, TubeMogul says that it worked closely with television and online video executives. They tested the tool and refined it so that it felt like TV ad campaign planning software. Buyers can use the self-serve tool to target by age or gender, DMA, day-part, or specific sites. BrandPoint works with pre-roll, in-display video, social video, and other ad types.

The goal is to get brands and agencies to expand their campaigns online. At the moment, many planners purchase by device, such as buying a certain amount of smartphone views. With BrandPoint, the hope is that they'll start seeing a screen as a screen, and buy views for target demographics across a range of devices.

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