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thePlatform Adds Live Event Publishing to MPX Platform

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One more confirmation that this is the year of live video: white label video publishing company thePlatform announces today that it's adding live event publishing to its MPX video publishing platform.

thePlatform isn't new to live video, but previous to this announcement customers had to use third-party services to schedule and manage an event, then embed the URL into their thePlatfrom console. Now, customers can manage their live events directly within MPX. Third-party companies still handle the scheduling and encoding, but now customers can bring those live events into MPX for an easier workflow.

Getting that kind of integration requires working closely with third-party live encoders. At the start, the system will only work with Elemental. A representative for thePlatform said the company would add support for other companies every month. Next up should be iStreamPlanet. Digital Rapids and Envivio are also on the short list.

By integrating with third-party companies, MPX lets customers schedule and manage live events from within MPX. They can set cue points for ad insertion directly within the live stream, integrating with targeted ad companies, or insert graphics or stats. The integrated workflow lets users set rights controls, such as geo-restrictions, before the live event starts. Customers can also replay the live event after it's done or create video-on-demand files. 

The live feature is available today. A thePlatform representative wouldn't say where pricing starts.

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