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TV Is Great, Says Boxee, but it Will Soon Be Even Better

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The people behind set-top device Boxee are enthusiastic about television. But they're even more enthusiastic about the future of television. Speaking at the recent Streaming Media East conference in New York City, Andrew Kippen, Boxee's vice president of marketing, sang TV's praise.

"TV is great. People love it. We at Boxee love it, but it's stuck," said Kippen. "Essentially, for a lot of us in the room we know the reason why. There are contracts and negotiations and windowing and all these different elements that really don't make it in front of the consumer as to why things are shaping the way they are and why ABC, NBC, Fox, ESPN, Disney, all of those different players are behaving the way that they are. To a consumer, it really just feels like people are trying to make their lives difficult."

Boxee's work, Kippen explained, is to lead TV to a better tomorrow.

"We at Boxee feel like there is a solution out there. We're trying to create it in the Boxee Box and the Iomega TV and the different devices that we have. We think that TV's best days are still ahead. While everybody is still trying to protect the business model and the way things work right now, we think 10 years from now TV's going to be amazing," noted Kippen.

For more on Boxee, including why the company feels it's important to include live broadcast channels, watch the full presentation below.

New Device Demos: Boxee Live TV

As streaming in the living room continues to grow in popularity, new devices continue to roll out to the market. In this session, Boxee will demo the new Boxee Live TV solution which delivers live sports, local news, special events, and shows from your local broadcast stations (like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) via an HD antenna. See how you can watch broadcast channels, in HD, on a Boxee device with no monthly cable fees.

Speaker: Andrew Kippen, VP, Marketing, Boxee

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