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Amazon Demos Dynamic Content Delivery Service

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Good things have a way of happening unexpectedly at professional conferences: chance meetings, random product discoveries, and sometimes unscheduled presentations.

When another speaker had to cancel at the last minute during the recent Content Delivery Summit in New York City, Alex Dunlap, senior manager at Amazon, stepped in with a worthwhile demo. He gave attendees a taste of Amazon's new dynamic content service, part of its CloudFront CDN.

"We see customers who want to combine static content and dynamic content into one website, and help deliver it to their end-users as quickly as they can," began Dunlap. "What I've done is created two very simple things. One is a piece of static content so this is going to be a picture of my dog before he got a haircut. And then I have a very simple dynamic site. This dynamic site just very simply says the time in UTC. I can refresh it and you can see that the seconds will incrementally advance. This is my dynamic content and the picture of my dog was the static content.

"My goal is to get these all into one website and to accelerate all of the content through Amazon CloudFront, and to do it using relative paths, so basically reference everything from a single domain. So that's what I'm going to show you here today."

Watch the video below to see Dunlap's brief but helpful demo on combining static and dynamic content.

Demo Of Amazon's New Dynamic Content Delivery Service

Dynamic site acceleration is a suite of technologies and products that deals with optimizing dynamically served content across the network. Traditional DSA services often include TCP optimization, route optimization, connection management, on-the-fly compression, SSL offload and pre-fetching technologies. This presentation will demo Amazon's new announced dynamic content service on Amazon's CloudFront CDN service.

Alex Dunlap, Senior Manager, Amazon

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