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New Tech, New Players Will Shake Up OTT Market in 2020

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The streaming landscape was filled with headlines in 2019. We saw the introduction of immensely popular streaming services, connected TV sales continued to rise, and 5G deployment grew at an amazing pace. Here are three things we expect everyone to be talking about in the coming year.

New technology and new players will shake up the market

Cloud, edge, and AI technologies will play a fundamental role in the future of video content delivery and workflows, making it easier for new streaming players to build scalability into their business model. Unencumbered by legacy systems, they have the ability to adapt their strategy to provide content that meets global or local demand at any given point in time, with fewer restrictions on the types of programming they want to create.

Streaming into our homes

Connected TVs (CTVs) have now superseded mobile devices as the primary means of viewing streamed content. There are expected to be over 200 million connected TV viewers in the U.S. alone by 2021. CTV already accounts for 55% of premium video dynamic ad insertion (DAI) inventory across the U.S. and Europe, demonstrating a YOY growth of 48%, and I predict this growth to increase in 2020.

OTT: The future of live sports

New innovations in 4K streaming, enhanced playback features, and hyper-personalization are enabling streaming content service providers to create an alternative viewing experience for fans. More consumers will choose to watch live sports via streaming platforms as they now offer the same quality experience as broadcast. More streaming service providers will look to acquire sports rights in 2020, and with a number of global sporting events taking place in the summer, we’ll see higher concurrent viewer numbers and higher data traffic than ever before.


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