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Enterprise Video Will Collide with Unified Communications in 2020

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Video is a profound tool for teaching and learning, and we’re seeing the need – and expectation – for high-quality, interactive content continue to grow in all industries. As we enter 2020, we predict that the world of enterprise video will collide in full force with the multi-billion-dollar (and growing) unified communications (UC) space.

We strongly believe that all recorded videos are not created equal, and easily captured and conveniently accessible content is crucial. The convergence of enterprise video and UC will ensure that the valuable conversations that take place in the increasingly popular huddle rooms, Zoom Rooms and other collaborative spaces are captured and easily referenceable on-demand.

We have perfected how to extend the value of UC solutions by integrating with leading conference services and bridges. The result? Flat recordings from meetings and classes are transformed into dynamic, interactive video that is available anytime, anywhere in a searchable video library. Equally as important, we believe that not every video is meant for everyone. So, we’ve ensured there is end-to-end protection of video libraries, allowing only authorized viewers access.

Now more than ever we believe companies, healthcare organizations, and higher education institutions are missing an essential piece of the puzzle if they’re not jumping in head first to create the most useful video content possible for their students, employees, physicians and patients. In the
next year we will see video and UC solutions come together even more to create effective learning experiences and support a true culture of collaboration.


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