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70% Stream Video Daily, 67% Have Streamed Live Video: IAB

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In a worldwide study of attitudes toward video streaming, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) find that 70 percent of adults 18-and-over watch online video daily through a connected device, which includes computers, phones, tablets, and connected TVs. The areas with the highest averages are the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at 77 percent and South Africa at 80 percent.

Looking just at live video, the study finds 67 percent have streamed live content at some point. MENA again has a high average at 90 percent. Also, 47 percent say they stream more live video now than they did one year ago, and 44 percent say they watch less traditional TV as a result of the live video they stream.

The IAB got its results by asking a 29 question survey in 21 markets to 4,200 adults (200 in each market).

Phones are frequently used to stream live video, but they're used for shorter viewing sessions. While 62 percent of those surveyed have streamed live video to their phone (and often stream live video multiple times per day), connected TVs get the most live video use: 67 percent of those who typically stream long-form video (30 minutes or more) do so on a connected TV. Phones are more popular for content under 30 minutes in length.

The most common way for people to discover live video streams is through social platforms, where 51 percent get their information. TV shows are the most popular things to stream live.

For more, including consumer attitudes on ad-supported video, view the full survey (no registration required).

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