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Video: How to Stream to Multiple Destinations With Switchboard Live

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Rudy Ellis: You have a great encoder like a LiveU Solo, or an LU 200, and you need a way to be able to grow and connect, and engage your audience. That's our mission: to create a simplified way for that to happen.

Traditionally, when you're streaming a live event you're going to pick a platform and make sure all your marketing and messaging dollars are sent to that platform to tune in, watch at that specific time. That's our value prop. We're making sure from a distribution strategy, you're able to connect, engage, and grow your audience by putting the content on all the various destinations that matter to that publisher, whether you're a brand, an agency, whether you're doing some type of product reveal.

One example I want to showcase here is Harley-Davidson. They actually had a great opportunity where they had an event called ESPN Hooligan through the summer X-Games. One of the things they wanted to do is they really wanted to be able to syndicate this out to all the various Harley dealers, Harley-Davidson dealerships globally. One of the things we made really easy was they were able to live publish to over 182 different destinations. 160 of them were Facebook channels. We have a unique way where out in the field at this event, hook up a Solo to their production crew, and stream that into our platform. We're able to make that go live on all of the various destinations. Where in each of the different Harley dealers worldwide had their communities and they're all tuning in. Then for Harley as a brand we were able to get some great reach.

One of the things we also do is after an event you want to see how effective that live stream was. We're able to pull analytics, live 24 hours, then slowly after the event as well, so you can really see the effectiveness of that live stream.

Here's another use case for a company for an event that happened actually two weeks ago down in Bolsa Chica where Valero put on Motor Beach Classic. Again, another flat-track racing event. This is just kind of showcasing one of the things that we do is they had a bunch of great sponsors that were part of this. Indian Motorcycle, Valero obviously, Rolling Sands, and they wanted to really extend the reach for this content. We have a way where you as either a participant can also participate in that stream. We have an event page where you can go and add your destinations, then that funnels back into your channel. The publisher can now publish to your channel as well as all of the various destinations. That's how we make it really easy for this event to reach over 78 unique destinations.

Here's kind of a breakup for some of the channels that participated, Hurley and Cycle World Magazine, and Transworld Motocross.

This is just a quick snapshot of, paired with an encoder in field, with using the Switchboard platform, how you're able to really grow and reach various users.

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