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Teracue: 2017 Online Video Industry Predictions

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Teracue is a pioneer in high-quality live streaming. Back in the dark ages at the turn of the century, when thumbnail-sized videos were standard, we introduced our first SD MPEG-2 IP streaming encoder.

2017 will be the year of live streaming, with Facebook taking much of the credit for popularizing live streaming on social media. This means that enterprises delivering online video must implement professional live streaming to multiple platforms.

When considering 4K and HDR, innovation is no longer being driven by broadcasters, but is coming from the internet itself. At the moment, 4K content is typically available as VoD. Live streaming will be next.

OTT is now superseding IPTV; closed networks are no longer a requirement for high-quality television.

Teracue is introducing new 4K encoders and decoders for contribution and OTT. High-efficiency error correction comes as standard, and in combination with MC-ROUTE, the customer can simply build his own worldwide contribution network in the cloud.

Low latency has been very important for Teracue since the first encoder generation and is also a feature in our new 4K encoders.

Transcoding in the cloud generates additional unwanted latency. Our encoders support multiscreen encoding and multiprotocol streaming including HLS push, making live cloud transcoding obsolete. We at Teracue are excited to see the transition to live 4K and with more than 15 years of innovation, we provide all the must-have products for encoding, decoding, streaming, recording, multi-channel display, management and control.

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