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Ensemble Video’s End-to-End Video Platform Makes Video Easy

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The Ensemble Video Platform provides enterprises, universities, health care, and the government with an all-in-one tool to publish, manage, and distribute video live or on-demand to many devices. The Ensemble Online Video Platform, makes it easy for anyone to upload, encode, and publish their content content. Out-of-box, Ensemble Video includes powerful analytics, security features, video portals, a live streaming mobile app, and an easy way to integrate with learning management systems and content management systems. Learn more about Ensemble’s capture, management, and playback solutions.

Capture: The Ensemble Video Platform makes video capture easy, flexible and affordable.

Ensemble Video customers know that video capture and delivery is a powerful elixir that can accelerate learning, harmonize decision making, facilitate communications, increase productivity, and reduce costs. This value proposition has created a great demand for the Ensemble Video Platform as many organizations are seeing increased demand for our diverse capture needs in their organization. Ensemble Video customers leverage our Screen Capture, Mobile Capture, Live Stream Capture, and Automated Room Capture solutions to meet their organizational needs.

Manage: The Ensemble Video Platform is a feature-rich video content management system.

The Ensemble Video Platform works in concert with users and systems across your organization to enable collaborative video sharing and video content management of an ever-increasing flow of video content. Regardless of its source, Ensemble Video ensures all your video has a central, secure home. Our video management system streamlines the most time-consuming steps of uploading, encoding and organizing video assets in multiple departments within large organizations.

Play: Use Ensemble Video to deliver video anytime, anywhere to many devices.

The Ensemble Video player is lightweight, customizable, and brandable, and video streaming is seamless—no matter which device your viewers are using. Our Adaptive Bitrate encoding tools ensure viewers will see great looking and consistently reliable video streams. Additionally, Ensemble Video's player enhances learning and communication with searchable annotations, closed captions and powerful in-video search features. Ensemble Video delivers video over a variety of networks and supports playback on desktops, tablets and smartphones. Whether your viewers are on-the-go students, remote employees, or a BYOD workforce, Ensemble Video delivers your video anytime, anywhere to many devices.

Flexible Deployment Options

Ensemble’s flexible deployment options meet the diverse needs of modern organizations, of all shapes and sizes. Our online video platform assimilates into your digital media ecosystem, and it grows with you, along with the streaming video industry.

Self-Hosted Video Platform

The self-hosted solution offers full control and flexibility over server and network resources, along with customizable media workflows.

Cloud-Hosted Video Platform

Leverage Ensemble Video functionality without installing technology in your local network.

Hybrid Video Platform

Hybrid-hosted deployments combine the scalability and flexibility of cloud servers with the performance of dedicated hosting.

Multi-Tenant Video Platform

Consortiums and managed service providers can deploy and administer Ensemble Video and provide access to multiple organizations across the consortium.

Go to ensemblevideo.com to setup a free trial or demo of their online video platform.

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