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Verimatrix Releases Analytics Suite for Video Delivery Data

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Content security and revenue enhancement company Verimatrix made an NAB splash today with the release of its Verspective Operator Analytics Suite, a collection of tools that provide a detailed look at video delivery and subscribers. The suite collects information from multiple sources, and is extensible to accommodate future changes.

The suite aggregates data from set-top boxes and CE devices, and does so with a sensitivity to customer privacy concerns. It then adds to that with data from video-on-demand platforms, CDNs, and metadata systems. The result, Verimatrix says, is an ideal platform for multi-network, multi-screen operators to analyze performance.

Besides reporting on data, the suite can export data to third-party analytics partners (Genius Digital and Think Analytics, with more to come), as well as business intelligence tools run by the operator. Those third-party services can help reduce customer churn, optimize ad revenue, and enhance content discoverability. The result, Verimatrix says, is that customers can maximize the use of their data and monetize their video services.

“Service providers are turning to the power of big data to enhance their subscriber’s experience and find new revenue opportunities," says Petr Peterka, Verimatrix's CTO. "As approaches to data analytics become more sophisticated, operators are realizing the need to maintain a high level of security and privacy. Verimatrix is the natural choice to aggregate and curate this potentially sensitive data."

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