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Time Warner Cable to Be Subject of First Net Neutrality Dispute

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Net Neutrality rules have been active only since Friday, and one company is wasting no time filing a complaint. According to a report in The Washington Post, Commercial Network Services, a company based in San Diego, California, is alleging that Time Warner Cable is asking for a prohibitive amount of money to stream its video. CNS streams live video from webcams, including a large Fourth of July fireworks display.

If the public at large were deciding this, TWC would be in serious trouble. Cable operators are some of the least-liked businesses in the country, and many online forums today are filled with people salivating at the thought of TWC getting hit with a generous fine. However, the public at large doesn't understand peering agreements, and it's almost certain that CNS doesn't have a case.

CNS is asking for settlement-free peering from Time Warner Cable. As TWC explained to The Washington Post, it only creates such agreements with content partners that exchange "large amounts of traffic at multiple locations" with it around the country. TWC notes that its practices are in accordance with industry standards. "We are confident that the FCC will reject any complaint that is premised on the notion that every edge provider around the globe is entitled to enter into a settlement-free peering arrangement," the company said.

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