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Netflix Debuts Access Improvements for the Visually Impaired

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Netflix announced two improvements yesterday that should make finding and enjoying content easier for its visually impaired subscribers. First, it's added a link to the bottom of its homepage that brings up TV shows and movies with audio descriptions. These shows and movies—there are currently 85 listed—have narration tracks that help the visually impaired follow the action. Many of Netflix's original shows have narration tracks. Bloodline isn't yet listed, but will have a narration track later this month. In its blog post, Netflix noted that Narcos, its upcoming drama about drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, will be its first title with a Spanish narration track when it premieres later this year.

Netflix also announced that it's working with studios to get more narration tracks from them. It notes that shows like Glee and New Girl and movies like The Hunger Games—Catching Fire and How to Train Your Dragon 2 have tracks.

This accessibility news comes just a day after Netflix announced a significant redesign to its website. The goal was to make the site feel more like an app and less like linked web pages. Subscribers can now explore content by hovering or clicking to bring up more detail or an image slideshow, adding more information within the page. While Netflix has begun a global rollout of the new design, it may take two weeks to reach all subscribers.

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