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YouTube Announces 60fps Live Streaming and HTML5 Live Playback

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In an appeal to video gamers, YouTube announced 60 frames per second (fps) live streaming today. YouTube has offered 60fps playback for on-demand content for several months, but this is the first time its made the feature available for live video. In a blog post, YouTube noted that 60fps playback "means silky smooth playback for gaming and other fast-action videos."

To use the new option, creators only need to upload a live video at 60fps. YouTube will then transcode the stream into 720p60 and 1080p60, as well as 30fps for devices that don't yet support high frame rate video.

To bring more 60fps gaming content to its library, YouTube has worked with Elgato and XSplit to create updated live streaming and recording software. The new versions are now available for download.

YouTube also announced that it will now stream HTML5 live video to supported browsers. YouTube notes that its HTML5 player supports variable speed playback, so viewers will be able to jump back in a live stream to watch something over again, than set the player for 1.5x or 2x playback to quickly catch back up to the live feed.

YouTube has created a page to highlight live streams, useful for anyone interested in trying the new options. 

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