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comScore Issues White Paper on 'Total Video' Measurement Solution

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It's a multiscreen world, and that's been a significant challenge for measurement specialist comScore. While its Video Metrix report has been the best window into online video viewing, it's limited to desktop and notebook viewing. Pointing to a new way of tracking viewing, comScore has issued a white paper called "From TV to Total Video," along with online resources, supporting a new "Total Video" method of measuring all broadcast and online viewing.

The Total Video whitepaper describes "a holistic measurement of video" that includes a single, unduplicated audience metric, unified demographics across all platforms, an holistic measurement of all video viewing, measurement that is both granular and scalable, and flexibility for future advertising models.

While the white paper doesn't go into details on how Total Video operates, deduplication is key. Traditional approaches that use panels don't work well for multi-platform behavior, comScore says, so its solution is to combine a single-source panel with census-level data to determine cross-platform overlap. Without deduplication to remove overlap, the company says, ad campaign reach would be overstated and frequency would be understated.

Giving advice to media planners and buyers, comScore says they should measure cross-platform viewing in an integrated way to quantify digital video's incremental reach beyond TV.

"Making this measurement system a reality requires the collective efforts of the media industry with folks on both sides of the table playing a role and agreeing on common ground," writes John Muszynski, chief investment officer at Spark SMG, in the white paper. "If we all put a little skin in the game, together we can forge a Total Video ecosystem that will benefit media buyers and sellers alike."

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