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YouTube Instructs Creators on Keeping Channels Ad-Friendly

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After a brand-safety brouhaha that began in February and an advertiser pull-out that angered YouTube creators through NewFront Season, YouTube is now offering creators updated guidelines on how to keep their channels advertiser-friendly. Brand safety has been a chief concern at the top video sharing site ever since The Times of London exposed the fact that ads from top brands were playing alongside videos from hate sites.

Creator guidelines now suggest channels steer away from hateful content, the inappropriate use of family characters, and demeaning language if they want to show ads. These additional guidelines come from meetings YouTube held with advertisers, in which brands explained the type of videos they definitely don't want to be next to. Hateful content is any that disparages an individual or group, or that promotes discrimination. The family rule means not showing kids' character doing inappropriate things, even in satire. The demeaning content guide is about using language that insults and individual or group.

YouTube has created a new course in its Creator Academy offering more explanation on creating a brand-safe channel.

While the new rules seems overly conservative, so far there's been no backlash from YouTube creators who are always eager to get brand support. Look for YouTube to become a sunnier and more brand-friendly environment in the near future.

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