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YouTube Announces AI-Driven Video Reach Campaigns at Advertising Week

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Advertising Week starts today in New York City, and YouTube has a message for all those attending: Let artificial intelligence make your job simpler. The leading video sharing site is announcing Video Reach campaigns, an option where marketers upload multiple creatives into one campaign and let Google AI create an optimal mix of six-second bumper ads, skippable in-stream ads, and non-skippable in-stream ads. Rather than trying to manage each category individually, marketers can trust that they'll benefit from a more efficient and effective process by letting the AI engine do the work.

News 1For anyone wary of giving up campaign control when using Video Reach, YouTube says agencies and advertisers still control their bidding, audience, and creative strategy. The real-time optimization is a time-saver, since it means planners don’t have to bother with repetitive tasks and can spend more time on strategic decisions.

The tool uses aggregated and anonymous insights to predict which type of ad will do better in any situation. Mobile users are more likely to see six-second bumper ads. If the engine predicts a viewer is more likely to watch a longer ad, it might serve a non-skippable version.

YouTube has already tested Video Reach with Ford, and said the company lowered its campaign cost by 20% as compared to YouTube's established benchmarks. The new option achieves savings by optimizing campaigns in real-time to maintain average completion rates and lowering CPM.

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