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Vizio Introduces Co-Star LT Set-Top Box, Offers App Experience

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Low cost set-top boxes have proven popular with consumers, and Roku and Apple TV are dominating the market (with Google coming on strong). So how does a smaller player stand apart? By keeping the price low and adding advanced features.

Vizio has released the Co-Star LT, its latest set-top box, with a list price of $79.99. At that price a shopper might expect the usual streaming experience, but the box includes an app interface and mobile device support.

The app interface can be called up while the viewer is watching a program, leaving the live broadcast visible. The interface includes apps for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Vudu, and more. Viewers browse through apps with a carousel interface, choose the app they want, and select content all without stopping live TV.

The Co-Star LT also works with iOS and Android mobile devices, letting owners select content on their smartphones or tablets, then play that content on their TVs. This second screen experience works with YouTube and Netflix apps.  

The Co-Star LT includes Wi-Fi support and HDMI input and output. It requires a television with an HDMI port.

Vizio already sells the Co-Star, a $99.99 Google TV device with a full web browser. 

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