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Vimeo Creates a Job Marketplace to Help Companies Tap Top Talent

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Many creative video professionals host their work on Vimeo, and now the site will help companies and brands tap into that talent. Vimeo announced today it's launching a marketplace to connect projects with pros, and it doesn't want a cut of the proceeds.

News 2Companies looking to have a video created can post their project requirements to the marketplace or sift through portfolios. Vimeo has listings from filmmakers, editors, videographers, animators, and others. Freelance talent can look through listings to find a paying gig. When they find something, they'll be able to keep all the money since Vimeo doesn’t ask for a cut and isn't part of the financial transactions in any way.

Why create a new online job board when plenty exist already? "We don't see them working for our users," says Vimeo CTO and CPO Mark Kornflit. "We know that right now 80% of our users use word-of-mouth to find someone to help them create their videos. And our surveys show us that millions of video and creative professionals in our community are open to being hired for work. It just made sense for us to make this market more efficient by helping connect both sides, and ultimately bring us closer to our goal of helping every business succeed with video."

Vimeo's creative community includes over 30,000 video experts, so that's a lot of talent to tap. To get in on the hiring, paid Vimeo members need to mark their accounts as "available for hire." The marketplace is available in seven languages.

For businesses looking to hire Vimeo talent, Kornflit advises being clear and explicit about campaign goals. "This will help you better define what you need from a pro, and ultimately make the process more seamless."

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