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VBrick Revs Up Video Webcasting Platform at Streaming Media East

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VBrick announced a new live video webcasting platform during last week’s 2014 Streaming Media East conference. The VBrick Rev, which will be available this summer, is geared towards what the company calls “massively scalable enterprise video platform” delivery.

Among other things, the company says that Rev will allow enterprises to centralize video access via an “Enterprise YouTube” portal which “enables authorized employees to access live webcasts and video-on-demand via a web browser from any device.”

The Rev is an outgrowth of a commitment the company made a few years ago to a next-generation platform architecture, says VBrick CEO Shelly Heiden.

“VBrick two years ago made a major commitment to architect a platform that would be capable of supporting the massive influx of user-generated content from smartphones and other mobile technologies,” says Heiden, adding that the architected cloud-based platform will be the “backbone for our live and on-demand online video platform services next year.”

Rev customers will be able to use the same platform for internal and external video. The Rev line also allows for enterprise content delivery network (eCDN) distribution.

“ECDN enables video to be scalably delivered across the corporate WAN whether using a system of dedicated media servers to transrate, transmux and relay live video, or a software agent partitioned off an enterprise WAN optimization solution,” a VBrick press release noted.

VBrick is also focusing on user experience (UX), praising Rev’s “sleek, modern user interface, which performs more like popular consumer video sites.”

VBrick uses a variety of programming and web development languages to achieve its goals, says James Durham, VBrick’s senior UX designer. “We use CSS3 and HTML5, but we also use Bootstrap and AngularJS, Google's open source JavaScript tool.”

VBrick reviewed a number of sites were when looking for best-of-breed UX options, Durham says.

“We went for the best and most up-to-date technologies being used across the web, even from gaming sites," says Durham. "We looked at Bloomberg, Mashable, Hulu, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, each for a different reason."

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