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Two Roku Vets Launch Tetra TV, an Ad Network for Connected TV

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Promising the ability to run multi-platform connected TV ad campaigns at scale, two Roku veterans launch Tetra TV today, an ad network just for CTV. The network serves ads to multiple living room platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Sony PlayStation, and Xbox, as well as Samsung, Vizio, Sony, and LG connected TVs. The company boasts that it can stream ads on over 100 channels, and while it won't say exactly what those channels are it says its inventory includes a mix of vMVPD, cable, broadcast, and pure-play streaming services.

Tetra was started by chief revenue officer Jim Lombard (formerly the ad sales director at Roku). and CEO Steve Shannon (formerly Roku's general manager and senior vice president of content and services). The new company is based in Los Angeles.

News 2Tetra TV uses both direct and programmatic ad sales, noting that it supports the buy-side however clients choose to transact. Its open platform model supports analytics data from Nielsen, Experian, Acxiom, and more. Buyers are able to reach a base of 50 million households, targeting with thousands of available audience segments. Agencies and brands can use their own data to create custom target segments. The platform supports frequency capping per household, device, and piece of content.

As for campaign analytics tools, "We gather data and report in real-time," Lombard notes. "We support third-party advertiser VAST tags that provide transparency and visibility into campaign performance. In addition, we provide advertisers in-depth post-campaign reporting that details campaign reach and frequency, content channels, and streaming devices/operating systems. Lastly, we work with industry leading measurement and attribution vendors to report on in-target audience results, brand impact/purchase intent, retail sales, e-commerce transactions, and store visits."

Photo: Jim Lombard and Steve Shannon of Tetra TV

At a time when many networks offer agencies combined linear and streaming ad buys for more holistic campaign planning, Tetra is taking a risk by focusing exclusively on CTV. But, Lombard says, the company believes eventually all TV advertising will be streamed.

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