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TubeMogul Announces Destinations Delivery System

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Tax day wasn't a bad day at TubeMogul, since that's when the analytics and ad-delivery company added transcoding to its offering. TubeMogul just launched its Destinations publishing suite, which automates content delivery and handles the transcoding for you.

The idea behind Destinations is to create "from anywhere to anywhere" video distribution, so a client can specify where to look for videos, tell Destinations how to transcode them for each destination, and have them delivered in seconds. Content can be automatically sent to video sites, custom FTP sites, content delivery networks, cable outlets, and more. The service lets content owners create custom feeds for iTunes and other Media RSS feed readers.

The Destination service is free for customers that host their own video files, so it's clearly taking aim at transcoding programs and online transcoding services. The service lets you enter custom transcoding settings for each site that you're uploading to. TubeMogul is working on a paid option for customers that also want hosting.

Two of the service's beta testers were Syd and Marty Krofft, of children's television fame. "Transitioning from television clips to detailed file requirements initially looked daunting, but TubeMogul made it effortless," they said.

To promote the service, TubeMogul is giving away an iPad to the 1,000th user to set up a custom destination or feed.

TubeMogul's recently launched ad network, PlayTime, has already found success, and Destinations could have a significant impact on the transcoding market.

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