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TiVo Roamio Now Streams Video Outside the Home

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Led by Dish, the ability to stream video to devices outside the home is the new must-have feature for DVRs. Now, it's coming to the TiVo Roamio, which was announced in August, 2013. Two models in the Roamio lineup, the Roamio Plus and the Roamio Pro, can now stream both live and recorded video to iOS smartphones and tablets. To use the streaming feature, TiVo owners will need to have Wi-Fi connectivity. With unlimited data plans rapidly going away, that's probably a good thing. TiVo notes, however, that 4G/LTE and Android device support will come before the end of the year.

Roamio owners aren't limited to streaming: They can also download recorded video to their mobile devices to watch anytime they choose. That's an attractive option for train commuters and frequent flyers.

The TiVo app needed for all this can also be used to program recordings from any location. The app now includes a quality meter that lets users know when bandwidth is poor, and they should download the video they want instead of streaming it.

Roamio Plus and Pro owners will get the needed software upgrade for their set-top boxes automatically. They'll also need to download or update their iOS TiVo mobile app. Roamio boxes, it seems, finally live up to their name.

TiVo Stream owners will gain out-of-home streaming sometime in November.

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Wed., March 3, by Troy Dreier