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TVGuide.com Debuts Personalized Watchlists for Integrated Viewing

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To manage their viewing nowadays, people don't need a weekly magazine, they need an online guide that integrates broadcast, online, and social features. That's the thinking behind TVGuide.com's personalized Watchlist service, which is now publicly launching.

The Watchlist service debuted in beta in November, 2010, and attracted 250,000 users. The newly launched public version has expanded features, including social media integration.

The free Watchlist service aims to be cover all types of viewing options, letting users organize their choices. Users can get local channel information, and follow their favorite shows, celebrities, and teams. Watchlists include broadcast, pay TV, video-on-demand, and DVD program information. With this release, Watchlists can access more online sources, now totaling over 120. The service also includes curated editorial from TVGuide.com's staff and celebrity watchlists.

Back in November, TVGuide.com debuted a service called I'll Watch, which let users tell their social media accounts what they'd be watching. That service is now integrated into the Watchlists service.

"More than 85% of TVGuide.com users told us they want a simpler way to organize their entertainment options," says Christy Tanner, executive vice president and general manager for TV Guide Digital. "Watchlist make it easy for users to find what to watch and share their entertainment experience with friends."

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