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TVE Finally Finds a Purpose With At-Home Catch-Up Viewing: Adobe

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After years of low performance numbers, its looks like TV Everywhere has finally found a purpose: providing at-home viewers a way to catch up with network programs they've missed.

That comes from Adobe's Q4 2015 Digital Video Benchmark report, which sees that TVE authentications experienced a big jump in Q4: 17.4 percent of pay TV customers actively used TVE in Q4, compared to 14.3 percent in Q3. That shows quarter-over-quarter growth of 22 percent; previous reports saw quarter-over-quarter growth in the 12 to 14 percent range. TVE also saw growth in the amount of connected device viewing, along with a decline in mobile video viewing. iOS devices are still the main source of TVE views, but that area is declining (36 percent of TVE viewing in Q4, compared to 45 percent in Q3) while connected device use is increasing (21 percent of TVE views in Q4, compared to 16 percent in Q3).

The main reason for the shift, Adobe says, is that the major networks created Roku apps. Thanks to improvements in viewer ratings, broadcasters are now able to monetize connected device app views. With that incentive, broadcasters see value in connected TV apps.

“Right now we’re still seeing the bulk of advertising and interaction happening on traditional television, but TV Everywhere should not be ignored," said Becky Tasker, managing analyst at Adobe Digital Index, in a blog post. "Marketers should already be planning and testing so that when penetration does occur, they can have a better handle of how they’re going to shift their marketing dollars to attract that audience.”

While TV Everywhere was proposed in 2009 with the promise of letting cable and satellite TV customers view all their channels wherever they are, it finally found a purpose streaming the most familiar channels to living room viewers happily watching from their couches. 2016 should be a strong year for TVE.

The full report is embedded below:

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