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Streaming Views Up 72%, CTV and vMVPDs Show Big Gains: Conviva

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The world is streaming a lot more video than it was only a year ago. Conviva's State of the Streaming TV Industry report for Q1 2019 is out, and it finds global viewership up 72.4% year-over-year. It also notes that the rate of growth has sped up, with viewing hours increasing 49% faster than they did in Q1 2018.

Those increases are happening because of the success of living room streaming. While all video streaming is increasing, it's growing the fastest on connected TVs. CTV viewing increased 74.3% yoy, comprising 56.1% of all streamed video viewing. People are happy with the quality of CTV streaming, reporting 60.1% less buffering, 42.7% fewer video start failures, and 20.6% better picture quality.

News 1Viewers spend most of their streaming time with video on-demand (VOD) services. These count for 62.8% of all video streaming, up from 61.4% the year before.

While their share of the overall market is still small, Conviva sees strong growth for virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPDs). Here, viewership is up 107.7%, while other services averaged 59.6% growth. vMVPDs also outpace the competition in video quality metrics.

"vMVPDs offer viewers a streaming TV experience that most closely resembles traditional cable or satellite TV," says Bill Demas, CEO of Conviva. "U.S. vMVPDs continue to improve the overall experience for viewers, outperforming other streaming services, delivering the lowest buffering, highest picture quality, and fewest video start failures."  

Conviva's data comes from proprietary sensor technology embedded in 3 billion video applications. For more, download the full Q1 2019 report. For more results, download the "State of the Streaming TV Industry" report.

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