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Streaming Video Is Changing How People Watch Movies: Tremor

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The movie-watching experience is evolving, and streaming video is the reason why. According to data collected by online video advertising company Tremor Video, Americans are watching more movies than ever, but increasingly they're doing so at home.

Using data generated by its PlayBack panel, Tremor found that the average adult watches 1.4 movies in a theater each month, but 5.7 movies at home. Millennials watch slightly more and older adults slightly less, but the ratio is the same. This shows a shift from only 5 years prior: 39 percent of millennials say they now watch fewer movies in theaters and 50 percent say they now watch more movies at home than they did 5 years ago. The numbers were roughly the same for older adults.

The chief reason for this shift to home viewing is flexibility of content choices, followed by the expense of movie theaters, and the desire to re-watch older titles.

"As the adoption rate of subscription service is accelerating, granting viewers easy access to almost any movie they want to watch, whenever, wherever, it has become increasingly difficult to attract consumers into theaters, especially with the rising costs of movie tickets," says Ariane Gut, vice president and head of insights and analytics at Tremor. "As a result, consumer movie viewing behavior has become much more home-centric."

Movie-viewing overall is increasing, Tremor finds, especially for young adults. Over half of those surveyed said that streaming options increase the diversity of what they watch.

Certain genres are better at drawing viewers to theaters than others. When visiting a movie theater, those surveyed prefer to see action movies, fantasy/sci-fi, or movies that are part of a series. For dramas, kids' movies, and indies, however, viewers were more likely to wait for home streaming.

"Our goal with the PlayBack panel is to share insights with the industry and shed some light around consumer viewing behaviors and trends in a rapidly changing and sometimes confusing landscape," Gut says.

Tremor's PlayBack panel surveys 18- to 64-year-olds recruited online through a third-party. All participants have a connected device and had streamed video within the previous week. These number have a margin of error of +/-5.4 percent.

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