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Sling TV Will Offer HBO for $15/Month, Includes Live and VOD

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It was only a matter of time before Sling TV and HBO got together. The Dish Network-owned OTT service announced today that it will offer HBO to customers in time for the Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley premieres on April 12. HBO will be available to Sling customers who subscribe to the $20 per month "Best of Live TV" core service, and will cost an additional $15 per month.

This is a change for Sling, which has so far charged $5 per month for add-on packages, including one that offers premium movies from Epix. However, it's inline with HBO costs for cable and HBO Now customers.

Sling hasn't announced the exact date that it will begin offering HBO, and there's no mention on the service's site. Those interested won't have to wait long, however, since it has to be sometime in the next 11 days.

Sling's HBO customers will get one live HBO channel and the same video-on-demand library that HBO subscribers get on other platforms.

“It is has always been our desire to make the HBO subscription widely accessible,” says Tom Woodbury, president of global distribution for HBO. “Sling TV is a part of that ongoing evolution and we believe HBO is a great addition to the platform.”

Sling TV is available on Roku players and Roku TVs, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks, Xbox One consoles, iOS and Android mobile devices, and Mac and Windows computers. 

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