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SRS Adds Surround Sound to Silverlight

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If Silverlight videos start sounding a lot better in the near future, perhaps its because SRS and Microsoft have formed a strategic partnership to bring an SRS 5.1 Surround Sound toolkit to Silverlight publishers. The toolkit allows for encoding and decoding of surround sound in streaming media.

Interested developers should check out the Silverlight website launched by SRS. After registering on the site, they can download SRS 5.1 tools for Silverlight. The company says that a white paper will also be available for download explaining SRS content creation with Silverlight.

The partnership lets content creators stream SRS 5.1 audio to TV, PC, and mobile viewers. The SRS package functions as a managed code add-on. Consumer devices that offer SRS audio, including TVs, A/V receivers, and computers, are natively able to decode SRS 5.1 surround-encoded content.

Surround streaming will work over connections as low as 96kbps. Viewers can enjoy multichannel and front-rendered surround sound.

"Multichannel audio takes the premium media experiences offered by Silverlight to the next level," says Brad Becker, director of rich client platforms at Microsoft. "Microsoft is pleased to see SRS bring its surround sound technology to Silverlight's hundreds of millions of users by taking advantage of the powerful extensibility and interoperability that Silverlight and IIS Smooth Streaming provide."

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