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Rovi Debuts Entertainment Analytics, Big Data for Multiscreen

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In April, digital entertainment company Rovi acquired IntegralReach, which specializes in offering big data analytics for fragmented media delivery. Wasting no time, Rovi today announced the launch of Rovi Audience Management Solution, an analytics product targeted to broadcast networks, cable operators, and others working in television distribution. The product lets companies use large data sets to analyze the performance of customer offers, special promotions, and ads.

The Audience Management Solution works by analyzing the anonymous return path data Rovi collects from millions of devices. Rovi was already using this data to tabulate unique viewer counts and time spent viewing for Rovi Advertising customers. With the abilities gained from the IntegralResearch acquisition, however, Rovi's data has become more valuable. The Audience Management Solution uses proprietary algorithms that let media owners perform dynamic yield management for their full video inventory The result, Rovi says, is better subscriber offer, promotion, and advertising placement.

Bringing big data to multiscreen distribution will let operators target more specific niches as multiscreen entertainment grows. While it's not naming names, Rovi says that it has ready signed one U.S. tier one provider for custom Rovi reports.

"The acquisition of IntegralReach supports our goal to further apply the massive amounts of multi-screen viewing and navigation data we secure to provide companies with the actionable insights they need to efficiently track usage and engage consumers," says John Moakley, executive vice president of data solutions at Rovi.

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