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Rheo Offers a Curated Lean Back Video Viewing Experience

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Watch more and search less. The latest curated video offering designed to free viewers from the drudgery of searching out content is Rheo, which launched yesterday on desktop and mobile browsers, as well as iOS and Apple TV apps. Rheo has a few differences that make it worth checking out. For one thing, viewers indicate what they want to see by selecting a mood, not a genre. Moods include laugh, inform, learn, taste, chill, move, and spark. Algorithms behind the scenes rank content by trends, viewer interests, and time of day. Viewers have the option to boost videos (give a thumbs up), share them with their social network, or skip to the next video, all of which influences what videos they see in the future.

At launch, Rheo has content deals with Refinery 29 and Vimeo, and says it has more partner agreements in the works.

If using a mobile device, viewers can tap the Record button to film their reaction after watching a video. Reactions are visible by visiting a profile page and tapping the Play button.

“With a simple, elegant user interface leveraging the latest platform technologies and integrating innovative social and sharing tools, Rheo is your very own personal video channel,” says Alan Cannistraro, Rheo founder and CEO.

The service is free, and the company says new content is added to the video library daily. 

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