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RealGravity Creates Online Video Marketplace

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With the goal of bringing content providers and advertisers together with a minimum of cost, RealGravity has unveiled a new online video platform market.

RealGravity has been around for two years, but its marketplace has been a closed beta for a few key customers until now. Today the service opens to everyone, and the website has been expanded greatly to give more details to content owners, publishers, and advertisers.

Content owners can use the marketplace to syndicate their videos and earn revenue. They have the option of pricing material how they like, with the default being $1 per 1000 views. Of that, RealGravity takes a flat $.50 per transaction. RealGravity currently has a library of over 500,000 videos.

Site owners looking to publish videos can use the marketplace to license relevant content. They'll typically pay $1 per 1000 views. These publishers can sell their own ads, then rely on RealGravity to serve ads on the unsold inventory. According to RealGravity CEO Luke McDonough, the marketplace sells 100 percent of the unsold inventory.

Advertisers can also use the marketplace to purchase pre-roll ad spots. Pricing is typically in the $6 to $9 per 1000 range. There are no set-up, support, or license fees for any of the parties involved.

RealGravity's current clients include NBC Universal, Vibe Media, and Howcast.com.

"We publish millions of streams a month through our partnership with RealGravity. Since switching to RealGravity in June, we've seen a significant decrease in costs associated with publishing and syndicating our online videos," says Vibe Lifestyle Network's president, Chris Smith. "RealGravity's product also makes it easy for us to manage content and ad sales across our partner websites, which has increased video streams and revenue by more than 46%."

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