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Ramp and Panopto Join Forces for Enterprise and Education

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Enterprise video company Ramp and education and enterprise video platform company Panopto announced a joint effort that will allow corporate and university customers to stream video to large, scattered audiences.

The two companies will certify that their software-based solutions work together. Customers will be able to use Panopto's video content management system along with Ramp's AltitudeCDN Multicast+ and OmniCache ECDN products.

Ramp and Panopto are targeting companies using either unicast or multicast delivery. For those using a unicast-based WAN optimization, Panopto says using its products with AltitudeCDN OmniCache will lower the traffic from large live events and popular on-demand videos. For those using a multicast architecture, mixing Panopto and AltitudeCDN Multicast+ lowers bandwidth while relying on popular video standards (such as H.264, HLS, and HTML5).

The combined solution offers best-in-class video content management and delivery, says Tom Racca, Ramp's CEO. Besides certifying interoperability, the two companies will work jointly to market and sell the hybrid solution.

"Universities and businesses are relying on streaming video every day but are challenged to deliver video streams that are fast, reliable, and don't consume the enterprise network," Racca says. "Panopto offers a leading video platform for content management for live and on-demand video, and Ramp offers a best-in-class enterprise CDN. Our joint solution will break new ground in optimized video delivery behind the firewall."

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