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Qumu Adds Speech Search to Enterprise Video Platform

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Qumu announced today that it's adding the ability to search for spoken words to its business video platform. Users can look for a word or a phrase in one video or within multiple videos at the same time. Furthermore, they can run searches from their desktop computers or from mobile devices.

The new Speech Search feature creates an index of every sound within a video, allowing for quick searching. Users can run searches as needed or create workflow rules that look for key words automatically. They can also run a text search and a speech search at the same time.

The feature is part of Qumu's Video Control Center 6.2.81 with Speech Search. It's available now.

"With every spoken word from videos being indexed automatically to a federated knowledgebase, employees get access to more information assets, increasing their productivity," says Vern Hanzlik, executive vice president and general manager of Qumu.

The announcement ties in with Qumu research released today saying that much of a company's business knowledge isn't written down. In a December, 2012, survey of 250 executives for large companies, 73.7 percent said that most of the information they relied on was never written down. Also, 83.3 percent said it would be useful to have business meetings searchable for spoken words.

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