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Quibi, T-Mobile Announce Partnership, Although Details Are Scarce

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The upcoming short-form video service Quibi announced that it will partner with T-Mobile for its April 2020 launch, although it didn't spell out what that means. The service, which will go for $8 per month ad-free or $5 per month with ads, will be available to customers of other carriers, Variety reports. It seems likely that that T-Mobile customers will get either free or reduced-price access.

News 2Quibi, which was founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg and has Meg Whitman as CEO, has already attracted a sizable talent pool and significant advanced ad sales. This week, news broke that TMZ, The Weather Channel, E!, and Rotten Tomatoes will all contribute content for Quibi's Daily Essentials, a curated mix of news and timely information. Weather info will be available each day, while TMZ will deliver fresh show business news twice each weekday, mornings and afternoons. E! and Rotten Tomatoes are creating shows that will air each weekday.

“Quibi will deliver premium video content for millennials on a technology platform that is built exclusively for mobile, so a telecommunications partner like T-Mobile, with their broad coverage today and impressive 5G road map, is the perfect fit,” said Whitman of the T-Mobile announcement.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile is making news of its own, as it received FCC approval this week to merge with Sprint.

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