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Panopto Adds RTMP Ingest, Multi-Camera Live Streaming for Enterprise

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Panopto, which offers video platforms for the education and enterprise markets, debuted an impressive upgrade to its enterprise platform yesterday. This latest release adds RTMP ingest and recording, as well as HTML5 support for multi-camera live streaming.

Noting the popularity of Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) encoders from NewTek, Teradek, Elemental, and others for live streaming within the enterprise, Panopto now lets those encoders connect to its cloud-based video platform. By doing so, companies can stream live to tens of thousands of viewers around the world. Panopto converts the video to HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), and works with CDNs (content delivery networks) to control start times and buffering. When a live event is concluded, Panopto instantly makes it available for on-demand viewing.

The other big addition is support for multi-camera HTML5 streaming. With Flash support in browsers ending, Panopto has updated its video player and pipeline, now supporting multi-camera HTML5 broadcasts. Viewers can receive multiple synchronized feeds in one window, so AV teams don't need to provide live video feed switching. The upgraded player also supports adaptive bitrate streaming, variable speed playback, DVR features for live video, and custom branding. The company's embeddable video player also supports HTML5 video and many of the same features.

Other upgrades include the ability to insert segments from YouTube videos into Panopto recordings, offline playback in the Panopto Android app, and background uploading in the iOS app.

The Panopto video player supports synchronized live HTML5 feeds in one window (click to expand).

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