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OTT Subscribers Much Happier With Service Than Cable Subscribers

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While over-to-top services are becoming as popular as pay TV, OTT customers report feeling much happier with their choice.

The IP-based content management and distribution company Clearleap released the results of a survey it conducted in July 2015, where it questioned 1,111 U.S. adults on their viewing habits. It found that OTT options are gaining in popularity, with 71.4 percent saying they currently use a streaming service or have used one in the past. That compares to 78.9 percent who currently subscribe to pay TV. While pay TV is more popular, viewers have much more positive feelings about streaming services. A large majority of OTT customers (62.8 percent) love their service and wouldn't cancel it. Nearly half of pay TV customers (47.6 percent) have considered cancelling, with high costs and poor customer service being the most common reasons.  

Clearleap's survey found dramatic differences in how young adults and older adults watch streaming services. Adults 18 to 29 are most likely to watch OTT services on a laptop (57.7 percent), smartphone (39.1 percent), or connected TV (29.5 percent). Older adults 30 to 44 are more likely to watch streaming services on tablets (33.0 percent), laptops (31.8 percent), and smartphones (31.8 percent). Young adults are more likely to share login credentials, with 78.6 percent of current OTT customers saying they've done so.

For more, download the full survey results (registration required).

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