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Mixpo Offers Tailored Video Ads to Multiscreen Devices

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Mixpo, an online video advertising technology agency based in Seattle, Washington, is going beyond multiscreen delivery for its ads, and is now offering tailored video ads for mobile devices. The idea is to automatically tailor the ad to make it relevant for the viewer, with ads that will play on any platform or browser. Called SmartVideo, the system lets advertisers insert calls to action, creative content, messages, or recommendations that apply to the viewer.

The SmartVideo system uses both Flash and HTML5 for playback on all devices. It's also compliant with IAB standards for VAST, VPAID, and rich media. SmartVideo content is certified to run on ad networks and exchanges that include the Adap.tv Marketplace, BrightRoll, and Value Click. Networks can sell SmartVideo ads to their clients to provide better value. The SmartVideo system can also offer viewers their choice of ads or a survey.

"Advertisers need a way to extend video campaigns across all ad formats, while ensuring the content is still tailored for the individual viewer. Dynamically customized creative is the next step in the evolution of video advertising, and Mixpo SmartVideo is helping advertisers accomplish this easily by eliminating many of the traditional challenges, such as technology fragmentation," says Mixpo president and CEO Anupam Gupta.

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