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Minute.ly Solution Automates Brand Stories on Multiple Platforms

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Making it easier for brands to connect with followers using the Stories format, Tel Aviv-based Minute.ly today launches an automated solution. Minute.ly services uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize brand videos. The new Stories offering analyzes long-form video, determines the best sections to turn into a story. then creates a vertical video that can be shared across platforms. What's more, the solution updates brand Stories each day so there's always fresh content for followers to discover.

News 1“When I use social media, I’m struck by how much people have embraced stories—my friends are definitely shifting away from posting on feeds and prefer updating via Stories," notes Amit Golan, Minute.ly’s CEO and co-founder. "Publishers have picked up on the trend and know that Stories are the most natural way to connect with an audience, but creating a story takes a significant amount of time, especially because they need to create one for each platform or device. With Minute.ly, publishers can make one story instantly from their content and reproduce it for multiple platforms.”

Minute.ly estimates that viewers currently watch 150 million daily Stories on Facebook, 190 million on Snapchat, and 300 million on Instagram. The Reuters Institute predicts that Stories will overtake homepage feeds this year as the main way that friends share news.

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