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Live TV Viewing on the Decline, Reveals Deloitte Survey

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The way Americans get their entertainment is profoundly changing, finds the recently released Deloitte Digital Democracy Survey. The survey reports that U.S. consumers age 14-and-older spend only 45 percent of their TV viewing time watching live programming. For younger millennials (age 14 to 25) that number is 28 percent. That same group spends almost 60 percent of its viewing time watching content on computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Deloitte looked at binge viewing, which it defines as watching three or more episodes of a program in one sitting. It found that 68 percent of respondents binge watch content, and 31 percent report doing so weekly. For young adults (millennials), 42 percent binge watch weekly. Dramas are the most popular genre for binge watching, with 54 percent of the category.

Multitasking is also on the rise, Deloitte says. It finds that 90 percent of respondents do some other activity—such as web surfing, reading email, and texting—while watching TV. Little of that activity is related to the program being watched: Only 22 percent of multitaskers are doing something that relates to the content they're currently watching.

Consumers see ads as a good trade-off for subscription fees, Deloitte reports: 62 percent are willing to watch ads during streamed content if it significantly reduces the subscription fee.

Deloitte surveyed over 2,000 people age 14 and older to create its latest Digital Democracy Survey. Read the full results (no registration required).

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